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15 to 30 minutes
Varies on skin type
Up to 6 months


Anti-wrinkle treatments has now become the world's leading non-surgical procedure.

Our Anti-wrinkle treatment is a non-surgical procedure that visibly reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles and provides a more youthful look. The use of botulinum toxin containing purified proteins, which block the nerve signals in the muscles, by paralysing facial muscles and stopping them from over-contracting and smoothing away forehead lines and frowns. Over time, the results provide a more youthful, hydrated and rejuvenated look.

Botulinum toxin (Anti-wrinkle) is used to treat many medical disorders for overactive muscle movement which includes post-stroke spasticity, post=spinal cord injury spasticity, and spasms of the neck, head, eyelid, vagina, limbs, jaw and vocal cords. Botulinum toxin is also used to relax the clenching of muscles, which includes the oesophagus, jaw, lower urinary tract and bladder, clenching of the anus exacerbate anal fissure and also be used for improper eye alignment.

Botulinum toxin is considered a safe and effective way to reduce facial wrinkles, resulting in the smoothing of the overlying skin, the smoothing appearance becomes visible three days after the treatment, but maximally visible two weeks following injection. Recommended areas can be treated repeatedly every 3-4 month after the treatment


Crows Feet

Gummy smile

Worry Lines

Frown Lines


1 Area   -   £180

2 Areas -  £220

3 Areas -  £290




Botulinum Toxin Type A Botox

After your treatment, you will be given another appointment for a check-up and the opportunity to top up, this is included in the price.

Top-up must be done 2 weeks post-treatment.

If left longer between 3-4 weeks an extra fee will be added. Any time after 4 weeks you will be charged for another new treatment.


Our primary concern is your health, safety, and your well-being during the treatment session. 

The Anti-Wrinkle is prescribed to you by a qualified Doctor / Nurse

Your practitioner will discuss with you during the consultation your medical history and ensure that there are no contraindications that will restrict your treatment.

You will be asked about your problem areas, this will help us create a tailored treatment plan, designed to meet your needs.

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  • Is Radio Frequency safe and will it hurt?
    Yes radio Frequency is safe. No, many clients find this treatment relaxing
  • Is there any aftercare I should consider?
    No, after your procedure you will need no recovery time and this treatment will not affect your day.
  • When will I see results and how long will it last?
    You will start to see results immediately and the treatment will last up to 6 months.
  • Is there any pain or side effects
    You may feel burning sensations during or after your treatment, this may feel slightly uncomfortable, swelling and redness around the area may also occur, but this is a temporary effect. This can be minimised with topical numbing cream, which can be applied 20-30 minutes before your treatment.
  • What is the aftercare I need to consider?
    For the next 3 days after your treatment, we recommend that you should avoid swimming pools, spas, saunas. For 10 days you should avoid strenuous exercises For 2 weeks you should not undergo any aesthetics treatments on the area. After your treatment a skin tightening procedure be beneficial, for more information please speak to the practitioner.
  • How does Fat Dissolving work?
    The fat dissolving solution is injected into a localised tissue area. It works by destroying fat cells and releasing the lipids, which are then eliminated through the lymphatic system and waste.
  • Am I suitable for fat dissolving?
    This treatment is suitable for everyone with pockets of stubborn fat. Both female and male adults can receive this treatment. The treatment is not designed to remove significant amounts of fat, For more results you can combine this treatment with the body sculpting on stubborn area. We advise to continue having a good healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.
  • Is this treatment safe?
    As fat dissolving becomes increasingly popular and sometimes the preferred choice when being compared to liposuction and invasive treatments. This is considered to be the less invasive option with virtually no downtime. A qualified practitioner will be administering the treatment to ensure that it is carried out safely and effectively.
  • Can I have anti-wrinkle and dermal filler
    If anti-wrinkle is not suffice, dermal filler can be used to fill in the wrinkle area. This may need to be done 2 weeks after the anti-wrinkle treatment.
  • Information that could restrict my treatment?
    If you are suffering from any illness, and taking related medication. If you are taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory as this could effect your treatment. If you are pregnant or breast feeding If you've experienced any problems with anti-wrinkle injections in the past or with injections in general If you have any pending operations If you have problems with swallowing If you have any inflammation in the areas we are injecting into.
  • How long will the anti-wrinkle treatment last?
    An anti-wrinkle injection last for three to six months depending on the clients lifestyle. You can top up your treatments, should you wish to do so.
  • Do anti-wrinkle injections hurt?
    The injection is very superficial and is performed with a very thin fine needle. Most patients find the anti-wrinkle injections fairly comfortable, but the treatment can be numbed using a topical anaesthetic cream 20 minutes before the treatment. This is a very quick treatment and any discomforts will only last for the duration of the treatment.
  • At what age can I get an anti-wrinkle treatment?
    This differs from person to person, but when you start noticing dynamic lines and depending on genetics and lifestyle such as smoking, stress, sun exposure and other environmental factors.
  • Are there any side effects to the anti-wrinkle injection?
    After your treatment, you may have some redness, swelling, itching and bruising may appear on the injection site, this will subside in about 12-48 hrs.
  • When will I see the results of the anti-wrinkle treatment?
    Results can be noticeable within a few days and optimum results around about 2 weeks post treatment.
  • How long does the anti-wrinkle treatment take?
    Depending on the number of areas being treated during a session, an appointment can be completed in 15 minutes.
  • How soon will I see the results?
    You will see results straight away, how ever you may feel swollen for 24-48 hrs after your treatment.
  • Is there any after care to consider?
    The treated area will need to be left to settle after the treatment, try to not touch or apply unnecessary pressure. For the first 6 hours, the area will need to be kept dry and you will need to avoid extreme temperature changes.
  • Who is suitable for Dermal Fillers?
    Fillers can be used for men, women, older adults who wish to have dermal fillers to achieve the appearance they desire, restoring volume beneath the skin and to build upon the natural contours to strengthen your features. Dermal fillers can be used to help the appearance of your face, hands, neck and decolletage. Both younger and older adults find the use of dermal fillers can achieve the look they desire as the appearance of aging can be reduced as well as achieving the look that you would like. Talk to your therapist, before treatment so they can advise the the best type of procedure you will need to address your personal concerns.
  • What are the risks & side effects?
    Immediately following after the treatment redness, swelling and bruising are normal. These affects are very small and will go within 24hours.During consultation any potential side affects will be outlined reducing the risk by sharing your medical history.
  • Is Derma Fillers safer and does it hurt?
    The safety of dermal fillers is supported by being given FDA approval. An unsatisfied result is highly unlikely but if this occurs, the product can be easily dissolved. During the procedure there may be some minor discomfort, this may continue for a short while afterwards. Numbing cream can be applied 20-30 minutes before the treatment. A fine needle is used to minimise any discomfort, any lasting tenderness settling with in a matter of hours.
  • How long will the results last for?
    A filler on average lasts for about 12-18 months, this depends on the persons lifestyle. If you are more active, the filler is likely going to dissolve more quicker, also if this is your first time, your immune system will fight and attack the filler as its an unknown foreign substances in your body, due to these two reasons, the filler may last for just over 6-12 months
  • How many treatments will I need?
    You only need a stand alone 1 treatment, you will see immediate results. We do recommend further appointments in the future to help maintain your desired look.
  • Will my skin be sore and red post-treatment?
    Your skin will become red due the blood circulating in the area and also the micro needling would have create small tiny punctures in the skin.
  • Can I have a treatment if my acne is active?
    We recommend that you should not have treatment when your acne is active, as this will spread infection around the areas. This treatment is great for post acne scarring.
  • Can I have this treatment if I am under 18 years old?
    Unfortunately we do not provide this treatment to under 18's
  • Is there a risk of infection?
    Staff are trained to ensure that there will not be any risk of infection or spread of infection. So we would advise that if you have active acne, we recommend that you should not have a treatment till the acne is cleared.
  • Is Micro Needling painful?
    Micro needing is a comfortable treatment and does not require any anaesthetic cream.
  • Can I have this treatment whilst I'm pregnant or breast feeding?
    Unfortunately we will not be able to provide you this treatment during your pregnancy and if you are breast feeding.
  • What can treatment do for my skin?
    Micro Needling encourages the production of collagen, reduce deep pores, reduces the appearance of scarring, sun damaged skin, pigmentation, wrinkles and age spots
  • Does Profhilo hurt and is there any aftercare to consider?
    Profhilo is a injection therefore you may experience slight discomfort during application. This treatment will not affect your day, however it is recommended that you don't touch the treated area for 6 hours this includes applying make up.
  • Does Profhilo safe and are their any side affects or risks to consider?
    Yes,Profhilo is considered safe by the FDA. You may experience swelling, bruising and redness but these are the most common side affects.
  • When will I see results and how long will it last for?
    After 4 weeks you should see improvements in lines and tightness of their skin. After 8 weeks there was a definite lifting and tightening in the skin. These affects should last for 6 months.
  • Am I suitable for Profhilo?
    This treatment is suitable for both male and female adults, this treatment is highly requested by all ages mainly ranging from those i their 30's to their 50's.
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