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The nose swells when there is a rhinophyma. The nose changes form as the condition worsens and causes it to become redder, more swollen at the tip, and to have a rough surface. The sebaceous glands enlarge and scar-like tissue forms, resulting in this swelling. Swellings can sporadically develop on their chin and ears, among other facial features.


People with rosacea, a rash that can affect the cheeks, forehead, and nose, are more likely to have the condition (see the rosacea leaflet for more details). Rhinophyma often only appears in cases of rosacea that have been present for a long time. However, rhinophyma is primarily detected in fair-skinned men between the ages of 50 and 70, even though rosacea affects women more frequently than men.



The Doctor Platon cold atmospheric plasma pen employs plasma shower technology can treat a variety of skin conditions, but most effectively used to treat teenagers and adults with acne and can be used for the face and body. But can also be used to reduce dermatitis inflammation 


plasma shower technology transforms the main gases in the air between the device tip and the patients skin ( oxygen and nitrogen) to cold plasma . As well as destroying acne bacteria, cold plasma can reduce inflammation and the symptoms of seborrhoea and eczema. Plus it also accelerates healing improve fine lines and wrinkles with minimum to no discomfort. 

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